Job advertisement: Trainee position (Volontärstelle) at the Museum of Zoology Dresden (Museum für Tierkunde Dresden, MTD), Germa

At the Museum of Zoology of
the State Natural History Collections Dresden the position of a trainee
(Volontär) is to be filled by February 1, 2008, in the Entomology
department, section Diptera. The position is limited to 2 years.

Applicants must have a master´s/diploma or Ph.D. degree in biology as
well as expertise in systematic entomology, preferably documented by own publications.
Candidates with a substantial publication record on the systematics and
phylogeny of Diptera are preferred, but other entomologists are considered as

The position will include the following approximate
division of tasks: 60% scientific research, 30% curatorial work in the
Diptera or Hymenoptera collection, and 10% various other tasks.

Curatorial work will mainly include the
rearrangement and computer-based inventory of the MTD holdings in Diptera or
Hymenoptera according to modern standards.

Research should be focused on insect (preferably
Diptera) systematics. This should preferably include a strong phylogenetic
aspect based on refined morphological and/or molecular and/or palaeontological
work. It is possible to complete a Ph.D. degree in the frame of the trainee
position (but there must be an external supervisor).

Application documents must include a CV, a publication record
(with statement of applicant´s contribution for each co-authored paper), a list
of talks
presented at meetings or elsewhere, a summary of own previous
and outlook to future plans (3 pages maximum), a summary of own experience
in collection work
(if applicable; 1 page maximum), copies of
Master´s/Diploma or Ph.D. certificate, and selected reprints of publications
(up to 5; potentially including co-authored publications and manuscripts close
to submission).

Women and handicaped candidates are preferred provided they fulfil the
profile of the position as outlined above and their scientific merits and
experience can compete with otherwise leading applicants.

Applications (in English or German) should be sent to

Staatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden
Museum für Tierkunde
Direktion, Kennwort „Diptera“
Königsbrücker Landstrasse 159
D-01109 Dresden, Germany

and must reach the Museum of Zoology Dresden before January 15, 2008;
receipt will be confirmed by e-mail. Please contact
in case you have questions about this advertisement.

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