Diagnostic description: 

Small lygistorrhinid flies. Proboscis medium length, about the length of fore tibia, palpus one-segmented, shorter than labellum. Three ocelli, median ocellus smaller than lateral ocelli. Scutum evenly setose with medium-length setae, laterotergite bare. Wing venation similar to Parisognoriste but Rs transverse (illustrated in Grimaldi and Blagoderov, 2002: fig. 5a): Sc joining C. R1 short, approximately half of wing length. Rs distinct. R5 setose. Base of fork M1 and M2 incomplete, but traceable. M3+4 and CuA without a common stem. Crossvein m-cu well developed and aligned with crossvein r-m. R1 setose, Sc, R5, M, and CuA bare. Hind leg much longer that both fore and mid leg, hind tibia enlarged apically. Tibial vestiture in rows. Basitarsomere 3 inflated. Male tergite 9 with aggregation of thickened setae at apex.

Wed, 2010-05-26 16:02 -- vblago
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