Plesiognoriste carpenteri†

Diagnostic description: 

Apical palpal segment curved, bulbous; flagellomeres longer than wide, anepisternite with small dorsal cleft; M3+4 gently curved, M3+4 and CuA stem weakened, fore and hind tibiae and hind femora broadened.


Head: Antennae inserted near middle of head. Scape cylindrical; pedicel subconical, apex wide with oblique margin. Flagellum 14-segmented, flagellomeres cylindrical, length of each twice the width, covered with setulae as long as flagellomere diameter. Face wide, pentangular, setose. Frons and occiput uniformly setulose. Three ocelli present, equal in size, distance from middle to lateral ocelli the same length as from lateral ocellus to eye margin (distance of lateral ocellus from eye margin equal to diameter of ocellus). Eyes setose, slightly emarginate at antennal bases. Palpi with two visible segments; apical segment slightly curved, bulbous, setulose; basal one with a few short setae.
Thorax: Scutum with long lateral and dorsocentral setae. Scutellum with 6 long setae. Antepronotum setose, divided from proepisternum by a distinct suture. Anepisternum with small dorsal cleft. Mediotergite bare. Laterotergite not fully visible.
Wing membrane without macrotrichia; microtrichia not arranged in regular rows. Costa ends slightly beyond tip of R5. All veins bear setae. Sc very short, ends free, humeral cross-vein almost transverse. R1 about 0.6x wing length. RS base absent. R5 runs very close to R1, virtually straight; base weak, so that vein invisible proximal to Sc tip. M1 weak, originates midway between tips of R1 and R5. M2 and stem of M absent. M3+4 curved gently. CuA has distinct kink at base of M3+4. M3+4 and CuA stem weak.
Legs rather short and stout. Fore coxae with long bristles on anterior edge. Fore tibia widened. Hind coxae  qual in length to middle ones, but broader, with scattered setae. Hind femora swollen, without ventral spines. Hind tibiae with apical comb of setae. Tarsal claw with one tooth.
Abdomen shorter than wings, setose. Gonocoxites quadrate, flat, setose, with dorsal protruding appendage. Gonostyli simple, length ~3x the width, apically with two black inner spines and outer comb of short setae.


Body length = 1.32 mm; wing length = 1.27 mm. 

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