Protognoriste goeleti†

Diagnostic description: 

R1 length 1.8x that of r-m.


Head: ovate, height ~1.5x width in profile. Occiput and postgena densely setose. Antennae attached below the middle of the head. Scape and pedicel subconical, wider than flagellum. Flagellomeres cylindrical, length 1.1–1.5x the width. Eyes setose, ovate, without incision, facets round, close. Clypeus bare. Two palpomeres seen: basal one ovate, length 2x the width, apical round, 4x shorter than basal.
Thorax: Scutum irregularly setose. Anterior parapsidal suture distinct. Scutellum small. Anepisternum with several setae. Proepimeron touches mesepisternum at anepisternal suture. Anepisternum with deep cleft in the middle. Laterotergite shifted dorsocaudally, so that metepisternum contacts katepisternum for some distance, not in a point. Laterotergites and metepisternum with short hairs. Mediotergite short. Meron at mid coxae large.
Wing membrane with microtrichia not arranged in rows. Costa ends beyond tip of R5, at one-fourth length between tips of R5 and M1. Sc very short, ends free. Humeral cross-vein oblique. R1 short, about 0.4x wing length. RS base short, transverse. R5 about 0.8x wing length, almost straight. M1 slightly sigmoid, confined to apical third of wing, ends at tip of wing. Stem of M and M2 absent. Crossvein r-m horizontal, very weak, meets M314 and CuA stem, its length 1.2x more than length of R1. M3+4 and CuA fork 1.7x stem length, its base between levels of RS base and tip of R1. M3+4 and CuA curved gently.
Legs: Fore tibia 1.25x shorter than fore femora. Tibial and tarsal setulae not in rows. Hind tibia with 15 dorsal bristles. Tibial spurs 2x the diameter of tibia. Hind tibiae with apical comb of short setae. Fore coxae with dense anterior setae,mid and hind coxae with setae in apical part, hind coxae without posterior setae.
Abdomen insertion broad. Abdomen shorter than wings. Cerci with large basal and small round apical segments.


Body length = 1.21 mm; wing length = 0.95 mm.

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