Protognoriste nascifoa†

Diagnostic description: 

RS base and the base of the M3+4 and CuA fork very basally. R1 length 4x r-m.


Head: Occiput and frons setose. Pedicel and scape wider than flagellomeres. Flagellum 14-segmented, flagellomeres cylindrical, length about equal to width. Face wide, quadrate. Clypeus setose, palpi 2-segmented, basal palpomere swollen, apical one very small. Eyes with incision, forming incomplete eye bridge (possibly artifact, face deformed).
Thorax: Proepimeron contacts katepisternum. Anepisternum width 1.5x height, with distinct cleft posteriorly. Laterotergites, mediotergite and metepisternum with very short trichia. Scutum with numerous erect setae. Metepisternum with long anteriodorsal process touching katepisternum.
Wing: Sc very short, free. Costa produced beyond R5 one-third distance between R5 and M1 apices. RS base situated proximally, faint, oblique. R1 length 4x that of r-m. Crossvein r-m weak, 4x shorter than R1. M1 originates at distal third of wing, curved at base. Base of the M3+4 and CuA fork at the level of RS base.
Legs: Hind coxae shorter than mid ones. Fore coxae with long anterior setae, mid and hind ones with apical setae. Tibial setulae not in rows except apical half of hind tibiae. Hind tibiae long, swollen somewat at apex, with dorsal row of bristles and apical comb of setae. Tibial spur length 1.0–1.3x tibial diameter.
Abdomen setose, segments short. Genital complex wider than long. Gonocoxites fused. Gonostyli with one outer and two inner lobes.


Body length = 1.09 mm; wing length = 1.05 mm.

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